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Title: WINTER MOON 冬月かえで Special Box 8時間
Content ID: IDBD-450
Release Date: 19.6.2013
Duration: 480 min.
Studio: Idea Pocket
Format: *wmv
Size: 21.02 GB
HD/ FHD: Full-HD (6000kbps)
Resolution: 1920 x 1080


83366799_idbd450_fhd1.wmv.jpg 83366798_idbd450_fhd2.wmv.jpg 83366797_idbd450_fhd3.wmv.jpg 83366796_idbd450_fhd4.wmv.jpg 83366795_idbd450_fhd5.wmv.jpg 83366794_idbd450_fhd6.wmv.jpg 83366793_idbd450_fhd7.wmv.jpg 83366792_idbd450_fhd8.wmv.jpg

Password to unrar: Conquistador_18P2P

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2 thoughts on “[FHD] [IDBD-450] Winter Moon Kaede Fuyutsuki Special Box Set 8 Hours

  1. I downloaded the first five rar files for KF_FHD1080p_IDBD450_FHD1

    I tried with the password but it said it’s incorrect.

    Please verify

    1. We have checked the files, but we couldn’t spot any error of them.
      You could try downloading and extracting the files again.
      If the situation persists, let us know if you see any error message.

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