June 12 2017 - June 2017 Important Site Announcement Please READ!  


In order to avoid confusion and to let our visitors grasp what we have recently updated and re-uploaded, we are delighted to implement Site Update Log.

From now on, if you have, for example, reported invalid links, and would like to know whether the links been updated or not afterwards, you could refer to this page for the status.

Please note that, first, this page WILL NOT log updates on new, featured collections. Only updates on re-uploading or fixing invalid links of existing collections will be logged. Second, please always report any invalid or expired links in our “Report expired / invalid links” page, thank you.


Collection Re-uploaded (18th July, 2017):

Nao Yoshizaki 吉崎直緒


Expired links updated (17th July, 2017):

Collection Re-uploaded (16th July, 2017):

Arisa Misato 美里有紗

Meguri (Megu Fujira) めぐり(藤浦めぐ)

Saki Kozai 香西咲


Collection Re-uploaded (5th July, 2017):

Rina Rukawa 瑠川リナ


Collection Re-uploaded (3rd July, 2017):

Coercion Suite (脅迫スイートルーム) Collection


Collection Re-uploaded (18th June, 2017):

Emily Okazaki 丘咲エミリ

Tsukasa Aoi 葵つかさ

E-BODY Collection (EBOD-[200-299])


Invalid / Expired links FIXED (18th June, 2017):

– Asami Ogawa 小川あさ美
[FHD] [PGD-646] Sucking Huge Cocks – Weeping And Heavenly Rape – Asami Ogawa
[FHD] [PGD-654] I’m Gonna Show Asami How To Dirty Fuck With Her Beautiful Butt – Asami Ogawa
[FHD] [PGD-660] Would You Care To Be Put In Your Place By Asami? – Asami Ogawa
– Riho Hasegawa 長谷川リホ
[FHD] [DASD-253] The Woman Kept as a Pet By Massive Tentacles – Riho Hasegawa
[FHD] [RKI-280] BUKKAKE SEX With Guys Who Ejaculate The Most Semen In The World – Riho Hasegawa
– Rio (Tina Yuzuki) 柚木ティナ
[FHD] [IPTD-716] Sweaty SEX – Rio
– Saki Ninomiya 二宮沙樹
[FHD] [IPTD-863] Saki Ninomiya ‘s Semen Massage Parlor for Men
[FHD] [IPTD-871] Archery Club Story – Saki Ninomiya
[FHD] [IPTD-892] Blowjob That Never Ends – Saki Ninomiya
[FHD] [PGD-495] PREMIUM Debut – Miyu Hoshino & Saki Ninomiya
– Sho Nishino 西野翔
[FHD] [JUFD-151] Obscene Squirting Girl Wants Cock! Enjoying A Man’s Hot Semen! – Sho Nishino
[FHD] [JUFD-163] First-Rate Babe in Panty Hose with a Plump and Juicy Butt – Sho Nishino
[FHD] [MIDD-734] Sho Nishino Does Reverse Pick Up On Street Corners, Instant SEX!
[FHD] [SSPD-096] Foxy Women 2 – Sho Nishino
[FHD] [TYOD-097] Outdoors Wild Guerilla Sex – Sho Nishino


Collection Re-uploaded (17th June, 2017):

Aino Kishi 希志あいの

Miyuki Yokoyama 横山美雪

Niyama Ran 新山らん

Saki Okuda 奥田咲

E-BODY Collection (EBOD-[001-099])

E-BODY Collection (EBOD-[100-199])

E-BODY Collection (EBOD-[300-399])