March 15 2017 - Emergency Updates! Please READ!  


In order to avoid confusion and to let our visitors grasp what we have recently updated and re-uploaded, we are delighted to implement Site Update Log.

From now on, if you have, for example, reported invalid links, and would like to know whether the links been updated or not afterwards, you could refer to this page for the status.

Please note that, first, this page WILL NOT log updates on new, featured collections. Only updates on re-uploading or fixing invalid links of existing collections will be logged. Second, please always report any invalid or expired links in our “Report expired / invalid links” page, thank you.


Invalid Links Fixed (9th April, 2017):

– [FHD] [IPTD-521] The Co-ed Next Door Likes Sex – Tsubasa Amami
– [FHD] [IPZ-573] Fucked In Front Of Husband – Tsubasa Amami
– [FHD] [IDBD-589] Kaori Maeda Platinum Box 8 Hours
– [FHD] [SOE-668] Hot and Sweaty Sex – Ruri Saijo
– [FHD] [IPZ-153] Call Girl SEX – Kaho Kasumi Will Arrive At Your Door


Invalid Links Fixed (7th April, 2017):

[FHD] [DCOL-057] (DGL-028) Beautiful Charter Girl Overnight OK – Koharu Suzuki


Invalid Links Fixed (6th April, 2017):

[FHD] [DGL-008] (DCOL-043) Electric Shock Transfer ! Miracle Beautiful Big Breasts Beautiful Girl Massive Cum Face – Koharu Suzuki

[FHD] [CND-025] Miracle 18-Year-Old Beauty With Great Breasts First Climax – Koharu Suzuki
[FHD] [CND-037] Astounding, Beautiful, Big Breasts in Her First High-Class Soap and First Time Cum Swallowing – Koharu Suzuki

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