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First above all, let us express our early Christmas greetings, as well as our gratitude for support, to you all. We sincerely hope you all could continue to find enjoyment and pleasure on our website in this pleasant season, and in the time to come.

In this happy season, we would to mark the occasion with several special things for you.

1. Double the pleasure!
From 7th December to 28th December this year, unprecedentedly, we are going to DOUBLE the amount of posting for each day, so that you could gather the collection of your favourite ones faster than ever!


2. Christmas Special Promotion
To celebrate harder, we are delighted to once again launch our Filejoker special promotion, but this time we have something different for you!

From today to 31st December this year, for any Filejoker 3 months (or longer) premium membership purchase you made, you can receive Bigfile.to membership for free!

For those of you who have never tried Filejoker, don’t be afraid! We have something special for you too!

For any fresh 1-month Filejoker Premium membership purchase you made, you are eligible to take part in our Christmas Special Lucky Draw, and you stand a chance to win a 1-month Bigfile.to Premium membership. Simply

For details:


3. Matter of Invalid / expired links
Here, we would apologise to those of you who have made reports regarding invalid / expired links recently, for not be able to provide timely responds to them all. We part-timers always got dragged by multitude of strenuous and tedious matters in personal life. That is no excuse for our incompetency for certain, nevertheless, we just want you to know the dilemma that faces us, and we are still in business.

Please do not be discouraged from making reports to us. Every time you submitted your report, it will be shown in our panel, which means that you do not have to worry about whether it is received it, even you don’t see it in the page. Rest assured, we will handle all the reports you guys made.


4. Journey’s over?
As many of you might have noticed, we have not made any new collection postings in the past few days. You might be wondering whether it is the end of us.

Our answer to that is: Not Yet!

Having dedicated her diligent service, the motherboard of our mainframe tendered her resignation by ‘frying’ herself and died on us. Hence, we have been temporarily unable to publish anything new recently. However, don’t you worry! As our new motherboard already arrived, we will be ready by this week, and will resume our posting once the maintenance is done. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

3 thoughts on “2016 Dec – Important Site Announcement

  1. hey C-man –
    would you care to share your method/technique/secret for un-DRMing DMM-downloaded WMV movies?
    i have many, most of which you wouldn’t post on the site as they are either duplicates of existing posts, or with actresses/series you don’t feature.
    i would appreciate any assistance or tips. BTW, it wouldn’t be used to compete with your site in any way, only for my own viewing convenience (so I don’t have to log into my DMM/R18.com account each time I want to watch them — that’s the biggest turnoff for me as far as buying anything from R18).
    thanks if you can help. if you can, I promise I’ll use your referral links to re-up either (or both) the joker or bigfile premium hoster(s).

    1. Hi MA,
      Perhaps it would sound disappointing to you, but we do not possess the know-how of decrypting videos with the new DRM.

  2. Thanks for your update!

    Keep up the good works and look forward to the new posts!

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