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Happy New Year to you all! We hope you guys will still stick with us in 2017.

More importantly, we will make our first important announcement in 2017 this week, but first, we would like to do something different today:

Since our dumbasses always forget replying valuable comments from you guys, in this post, you can ask or tell us anything about our website, sharing you feelings & support, making suggestions, asking questions out of curiosity…literally ANYTHING! (but be warned, we don’t answer what we can’t answer of course :) )

Write your comments below and let it rip!

45 thoughts on “Happy New Year to you all!

  1. Thanks for all the great work and wonderful uploads! Many of which I thought I would not be able to find again. I was wondering of there were any plans to re-upload Haruka Itoh in the future?

  2. Hi Admins! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Do you guys plan to post Natsumi Horiguchi / Nanami Hirose collection? I’m currently looking for JUC-688 where she’s starring with Arisa Yukine but the one i know has been deleted before i completed the downloads. It’d be awesome if you will someday post Arisa Yukine videos too :D.

  3. Hello, nice to meet you

    There is no day not to use this site everyday.
    So I am planning to contract filejoker for 6 months to 1 year.
    Is free benefits of free use of Christmas bigfile effective yet?

    Please contact me.

    Thank you.

    1. Well, the promotion is over already, however, we could make it up for you, at least partially.
      IF you get a 6 months FJ, you will receive a 1-month Bigfile.to Premium, 12 months FJ for 3-month Bigfile.to.

      1. Thank you for contacting me

        If had the same content as Christmas sale, I decided to sign a contract for one year

        Do you have plans to do similar sale soon?

        When are the links of all the Bigfiles of Yuna Shiina & Jessica Kizaki who ask the other day will be resurrected?

        We will consider positively if this problem is resolved, thank you for your consideration.


        1. Thank you for your interest in our promotion, unfortunately, we do not see we will arrange another promotion event like the one in Christmas in the near future, at least not in this month.

          However, as we stated in our reply, we could still give you 1 month bigfile.to for your FJ premium purchase for 6 months, 3 months bigfile.to for 12 months FJ, as a token of our appreciation.

          We are currently undertaking mass mobilisation of files, and the process would take some time, since the collection as a whole is quite massive.

  4. Hope one day Riho Hasegawa and Asami Ogawa would be in your plans .

    Thanks for your working and happy new year admin :)

    1. It’s your good day man, they are on my list and will be published soon. Stay tuned!

  5. hope 北川杏樹, あいりみく, 古川いおり, 哀川りん, 愛沢有紗, 柑菜リサ, 橘優花 are on your list 😉

    1. We actually intended to work on collection for Iori Kogawa, unfortunately, we still miss several videos of hers. It would be great if you could fill the gaps for us :)

  6. It would be cool if you put an “Upcoming actress release” feature on your site,
    so we could prepare our download time :)

    Would it be possible to add more file hosting sites like datafile?

    Happy new year to you guys!

    1. Happy New Year!

      Regarding your suggestion, it is actually not so viable for us to use Datafile at the moment, unforutnately. However, we will consider your suggestion on the upcoming release notice bit, thank you :)

  7. Hey justjavhd! Just wanted to say I discovered your site over a year ago and I think you guys made a lot of improvements over the course of 2016. Great job and happy new year! Just out of curiosity, which actresses do you have queued up? Hope that’s something you can answer :)

    1. Happy New Year and thanks for your support, we hope you would continue to find enjoyment here in 2017 :)

      On your question, that’s something we can answer actually:)
      Sayuki Kanno and Riho Hasegawa are on our list, and will be published soon.
      Stay tuned!

      1. Looking forward to em! Do you guys think you will ever get to uploading some videos of actresses who have bigger collections like Yui Hatano or Yuria Satomi? Not necessarily all of their content, but maybe a video here and there. On a side note, your double holiday posting has gotten em to renew my filejoker sub ^_^;;.

        1. We have made it clear several times before that we don’t like working on collections that are large and sparse, but Yuria Satomi…perhaps :)

    1. That’s a question close to asking how large one’s pecker is :), in fact, even we ourselves don’t know how large our collection is…

      1. What’s the ballpark then? An estimate would be nice – e.g. for offline backup.

        1. We cannot give you the exact number, but if you insist, you may make guesses and we tell you whether they are true.

          1. OK, I’ll give it a shot:

            10 randomly selected titles yield an average file size of ~6GB. Currently there are around 4900 titles on the site. Rounding up we arrive at 5000*6GB=30,000GB.

            That means an 11disk RAID-Z3 with 8TB HDDs has roughly enough room to accomodate a library of twice this size. Bring it on B-)

          2. namyar, we have to give you credit for the estimation attempt you made. Unfortunately, we wish we could hold a library with 88TB of size :(

  8. You guys have absolutely been killing it in your releases so hats off to you, thanks for all the hard work!

    The list of actresses in the repertoire has gotten quite long, and I like that fairly recently you took a look at a specific series (10nakadashi/lingerina) to upload and categorize as well. Perhaps it would be good to categorize some of your current uploads like that too. Since there is a lot of Ideapocket content, you likely already have plenty of series fleshed out (i.e.: Sweet Life of X and Me; Vacuum Fellatio; etc…)
    It’s just a small suggestion and one can easily use the search option to find a specific series, I just know from personal experience that I have discovered plenty of new actresses I like from looking around in a preferred genre. (And I also like that kind of orderly browsing. :D)

    On a side note, I would also like to get in contact regarding a donation.

    1. We are glad you like our recently published specific series. About creating lists of different genres, we actually are on it. We have been hesitated creating those lists due to our preference that when we create a list or a category, we like to see it complete or close to complete. Anyway, it will take some time for us to finish creating them all, so bear with us :)

      Concerning your suggestion, do you mean that you want to see we group different videos together according to certain specific genre or series they belong to (e.g. Digital Channel (SUPD-) from IP)?

      1. Understandable, there are some that go back many years (before HD) and I am also the type that would feel bad if a series were incomplete.
        Digital Channel is a very good example because it is a well-known long-running series but you can’t really tie it down to one genre. That is the kind of grouping I was talking about (rather than ‘soapland’, ‘teacher’, etc.)

        Thanks again and please let me know donation information. :)

        1. Thanks for your suggestion, it will be implemented as soon as possible.
          Concerning donation, we have Bitcoin option for you at the moment :)

    1. Even it could be cracked this year, no one would be that generous to share it with other perfect strangers online :(

      1. Maybe we can do crowdfunding? Somebody propose the videos (in bulk ex: Maria Ozawa HQ/HD collect). And admin could buy from DMM also unDRM it.

        1. The funding is not close to the all-important concern. The major concern is that we do not have the know-how to unDRM at the moment. The July 2015 incident was like the Blitz inflicted on us, and we failed to recover from the situation since then.

          1. I’m aware of that. Those scenario only after we found a way for unDRM.

    2. I have downloaded unDRMed 6000kbps WMVs of some recent movies from torrents. For example, IPZ-784 with Jessica Kizaki, IPZ-808 with Kaede Fuyutsuki…

      1. We doubt the authenticity of those videos. They might be the products of screen-recording merely in wmv container, instead of purely unDRMed wmv.

        1. yes, i agree, although the only proof i have is my eyes.

          the “encoders” have obviously used (overused IMHO) some settings in an attempt to “enhance” the appearance of a screen capture so that it might mimic the look of a true FHD video. an example would be the unsharp masking that the Taiwanese pirates know jacksh!t how to do, since they totally overdo it and you can see the aberration around the edges of the images.

          then they resample it to 60fps to add another layer of bullsh!t to obfuscate the truth: they produce cheap cr@p as always. it must be a defect in their DNA.

          they have the “mucho sucko” chromosome.

          1. One of the crazy methods we have witnessed them using was probably ‘encoding’ the video with a bitrate of 9999kbps! We were stunned, ‘Wasn’t the bitrate of the original video 6000kbps or lower, how come the bitrate of a ‘byproduct’ higher than its source?’

            They are incompetent in our eyes, as we know the truth. Nevertheless, their business is big, and sure as hell they will continue adopting their idiotic business model as they have no regard for quality, as long as the ignorant majority demand it.

            P.S. “mucho sucko” chromosome, gotta love the expression you use XD

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