June 12 2017 - June 2017 Important Site Announcement Please READ!  

The past few months were a period of setback and frustration for us, as our important staff was unable to work, was out of the game and turned into a scam. Nevertheless, we are now back in business at our full capacity.

There are few important matters we would like to address.

1. We need your help (if you can)!
Without a sign, one of our hard drives which stored several of our posted collections was rendered dysfunctional last week. What made things worse, we failed to recover the files on it. The collections affected by this incident are:

Akari Asahina 朝日奈あかり
Beni Ito 伊東紅
Kana Yume 由愛可奈
Minami Kojima 小島みなみ

We hereby humbly request you all, if you have previously downloaded any collections mentioned above, please do share with us, so that we could post them again. We have prepared rewards for you all doing so. If you have what we need, don’t hesitate, and please leave your comments below or contact us via e-mail: Your help will be much appreciated.

2. Re-uploading project

First above all, we would like to seize this opportunity to say thanks to you all who have made reports regarding expired / invalid links. We weren’t able to respond to them all, but we will try our best to do so from now on.

Long and overdue, we are finally able to and are carrying out what we promised you guys! We are currently undertaking our large-scale collection re-uploading project. In the next few weeks, we will first remove most of the collections posted prior to 2016 June, and then replace them all with freshly re-uploaded files. Re-uploaded collections will be republished, and we will also mark all re-uploaded collections in the Site Update Log and the Widget at the bottom of the our website.

If you see what you want to download are offline, don’t panic, you will see them back online in the near and foreseeable future, so stay tuned!

Re-uploaded Collections:
Arisu Miyuki 美雪ありす
Kaede Fuyutsuki 冬月かえで
Rina Ishihara 石原莉奈

1st batch of collections that will be re-uploaded in this week:
Iroha Natsume (Hara Sarasa) 夏目彩春 (原更紗)
Kokomi Sakura 桜ここみ
Saki Kozai 香西咲

Last but not least, new collections are coming out as usual while we are re-uploading previous published collections.

3. Support us
In this difficult time, your donation is crucial to our very survival at this critical moment.

Make your donation via Bitcoin QR below today.


Alternatively, you could make your contribution by purchasing Filejoker Premium account. Your generosity is of utmost importance to our website.

4. Alternative filehost
We are contemplating which filehosters we are to work with as our secondary filehost. Our criteria for selecting suitable filehosting service are:

a. Stability and Reputation
b. FTP uploading speed
c. Downloading speed for users
d. Is there an affiliate program for uploaders?

If you have any filehoster in mind that meets our criteria, please feel free to leave it your comments below to let us know.

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