New Announcement tomorrow on Dec 14th 2017! Stay tuned!  

As you all know, we are JAV enthusiast who compromise nothing on video quality. However, our power is limited, and that hinders us from finishing some of our collections.
Below is the list of our Most Wanted (this list will be updated from time to time):
1. Productions of Yu Namiki during her Kuki period [ADZ-]
2. HD productions of Rika Hoshimi 星美りか during her KMP period [MILD-]

If you have what we want, please let us what you can share in your comment below. We will contact you in person by e-mail, so make sure you fill in your e-mail correctly.
Besides our most wanted, if you have collections of any actresses (in lossless WMV format) that not yet seen on our website, we encourage you to share with us.

We also have some incomplete collections that requires “blank-filling”. We will have something special up our sleeve for you to reward your generous contribution.